What is Body Culture?

If you don’t have time, just fast forward to 1:59.

“Where you are now is where you should be… just love yourself in the process. You don’t have to hate yourself, your being, your body… don’t beat yourself up.”

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Yoga With Sam: Yogilates for All Levels!

Super long overdue!

This video is all about toning up. I combine yoga and pilates movements (hence yogilates…) and offer modifications for both beginners and experienced yoga students.

“no one can save you” by elle king
“little lion man” by mumford & songs
“let’s go” by Matt & Kim
“hey there Delilah” by Jasmine Thompson

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Energizing Yoga With Me!

I made this video last month and for whatever reason I forgot to post it here! I like to film my sequences to see my progress over time, and that’s exactly what this was. In other words, I didn’t intend to put this into the world!

I’ve always wanted to make yoga videos and become a yoga instructor. However, once my hormone imbalances and weight gain struck in 2013 I couldn’t muster up the courage to pursue my dreams. But here it is. A raw, quick sequence with me, a voluptuous girl trying to embrace her new figure.

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