Mind & Body

The Balance Between Healthy and Obsessive

From Skinny to Fit II


Crafting Therapy



IMG_8444 IMG_8443

Strong is the New Skinny

Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body Campaign”

Happy Halloween!


Sesame Oil Massage


Kripalu Yoga Acceptance!

200 Hour Yoga Application


Overheard in the Dairy Aisle

Summer Solstice!

Plus Size Rant

One Tequila, Two Tequila …

Weigh-in Procrastination

Liebster Award

Who Needs Chocoholics Anonymous…?


From Skinny to Fit

How to Hate Running a Little Less

Dieting in a Grocery Store (Wuddup Trader Joe’s)

Birthdays are the new New Years

The Physical.

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza


21 Day Trigger Food Challenge

Vegan Before Four?

Seeing Friends After That Weight Gain…

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