My Goals – Six Month Plan

My Goals - Six Month Plan

With the help from my life coach (did I mention I might want to be a life coach?), we created this feasible weight loss guideline. With my knowledge for fitness and nutrition, combined with her goal-setting techniques, I KNOW I will achieve these goals.

As my little super girlie chart shows, I will lose about a pound a week. Upon achieving the two-week weight goal, I will receive a reward. For you psych majors out there – this may ring some bells… maybe Pavolv’s bells? Sorry I had to.

Positive reinforcement is a part of behavioral modification and the applied behavioral analysis model of conditioning. I took several ABA classes in college and saw how effective it really was!

CW: 165 lbs
GW: 130 lbs
Current waist: 30”
Goal Waist: 26”
Current Mile Time: 9”00’
Goal Mile Time: 8”00’

How will I accomplish this?

– yoga everyday
– run 2x a week
– gym 6x / week (which I already do)
– eat every 4 hours
– track food everyday (myfitnesspal username: ActiveYogi)
– aim for 8 hours of sleep

*Only issue? I lift. Muscle absolutely weighs more than fat. The scale may not correlate to my progress. So I’ll also be looking at my performance and waist circumference goals

Oh. bonus. today two co-workers said I looked thinner. SCORE.


Run Sam Run.

Running gives me anxiety. Although I’m not super competitive with others, I can’t help but compare my present self to my past self. Back in 2011 I ran three times a week before breakfast. However, even as my mile-time dwindled to 6 minutes the repetitive movement of jogging was SO BORING. The only thing motivating me was the quantitative evidence that I was progressing. On the off chance that I would run a few miles after a stressful day I could surprisingly run a 5k in 23 minutes with ease. Now? Add seven or eight minutes to that 5k time.

So today was the day; the day I conquered my runner’s anxiety alongside my coworker (WUDDUP SASHA). We dominated those treadmills (workout below!).

I usually go to the gym alone and avoid the ‘mill like the plague. Running symbolizes my leanest, fittest, strongest self from 2011 and elicits feelings of frustration and nostalgia. However, with a plan and my friend by my side I felt inspired and ready to tackle this demon. I was surprised by how easily I completed our workout (although my purple, sweat-drenched face would tell you otherwise) and any anxiety or fear of failing dissipated.

Cheesy moral of the story: sometimes you need a friend to show you what you can REALLY accomplish.

time speed (mph)) incline
0:00-3:00 3.5 0
3:00-5:00 8 0
5:00-8:00 4 15
8:00-10:00 8 0
10:00-13:00 4 15
13:00-15:00 8 0
15:00-18:00 4 15
18:00-20:00 8 0
20:00-23:00 4 15
23:00-24:00 8 0
24:00-25:00 10 0
25:00-28:00 4 15
28:00-30:00 3.5 0

The Physical.

Alarm goes off at 7:00 AM. Starving.

Fasting for a physical is never the most pleasant experience. Not only am I cranky, hungry and sleep deprived during my doctor’s appointment, but I need to be mentally prepared for his condescending opinions about my body. I’ve avoided the scale like the plague since I’ve started lifting. Muscle weighs more than fat, and my waist circumference is decreasing so I’m in the clear right?

My last doctor accused me of lying when I said I only eat whole foods and exercise 6 days a week. He went even further to suggest that my last blood test was improperly conducted since it indicated that my thyroid was fine and dandy. “If what you’re telling me is true, and you eat right, and don’t have a thyroid condition… then why do you weigh so much?”

That was it.

I needed to switch physicians ASAP.  I picked some Columbia University grad – probably another guy who will quantitatively value my worth, health and honesty. As we went through the awkward motions of him touching my boobs and seeing me half naked, he rattled off some stats. “Samantha. 5’3″. 160 lbs. Hormones look fine…” What? No pause? No judgement? No lecture? He must not comprehend that according to the BMI chart he is expected to be concerned.

“So do you lift?” These words made me swoon. A wave of relief washed over me and my mental wall protecting my self confidence vanished. He explained that although my weight is high, my body composition looks evenly and healthily distributed. Thank. God.

Yoga With Sam: Yogilates for All Levels!

Super long overdue!

This video is all about toning up. I combine yoga and pilates movements (hence yogilates…) and offer modifications for both beginners and experienced yoga students.

“no one can save you” by elle king
“little lion man” by mumford & songs
“let’s go” by Matt & Kim
“hey there Delilah” by Jasmine Thompson

Enjoy! xx

Trigger Food Challenge: Day 8

ONLY EIGHT DAYS HAVE GONE BY?! ughhh. I just want to inhale an entire jar of almond butter. And that was my exact challenge today. I forgot my lunch at home and had to go straight from the gym to babysitting (I’m awful at time management). After a two-hour long workout with my friend, famished would be an understatement. I was ravenous. Scouring my employer’s home for anything edible, I found it. Almond butter.

As I stared at the cylindrical container memories of its creamy, smooth contents and nutty, comforting taste flashed through my mind. I opened the jar and salivated. No. I have self-control. Instead, I plucked some grapes from their stems and focused on each mini globe’s sweet, juiciness. I hurriedly encouraged the child I babysit for to play outside with me and successfully escaped my temptation.

Day eight complete.

Vegan Before Four?

Here are a few interesting articles I’ve read this week, if you’re bored maybe they’re worth a shot!

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21 Day Trigger Food Challenge

For some people chocolate is their kryptonite. Others can’t be in the same room as fried things. Me? The enemy takes many forms. He goes by the name of “nut.” Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, all treacherous to my health journey. The form of my nemesis is irrelevant; whether it be nut butter, trail mix, KIND bars, or granola, I will indubitably consume too much. 

I guess each time before I contract the nut-related belly-ache I justify the absurd amount of nut consumption with: oh it’s good fats! energy density? Pshhh I probably didn’t eat enough anyway. It’s low in carbs and a good source of protein!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I mean yes. Yes all of that is true, but it doesn’t translate to “yes you can eat an entire jar of almond butter.” Too much of anything is a bad thing – too much exercise can cause muscle depletion or the female athlete triad etc.

So okay. Imagine your trigger food. That food that proves your stomach can indeed be a bottomless pit. Now that you’ve got it, let go of it. That’s precisely what I’m going to do for my 21 Day Trigger Food Challenge

Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. My new habit will be eating more nutrient dense foods in place of nuts and seeds. Join me! I’ll record my withdrawal symptoms, feelings of temptation and mini successes.

Have a beautiful, healthy day!