A Mindful Transformation


I see many things in this photograph (taken 2010). I see a girl skittishly looking at the seeminlgy impossible journey ahead of her, a girl desperately seeking calm, and lastly I see a girl I barely recognize.

Pursing my passion was a breath of fresh air. Yoga created the space to intrinsically explore the mind, navigate the journey ahead despite adversity, and to love myself wholeheartedly. Yoga’s elements of self-care showed me to importance of listening to and prioritizing my needs. With this small shift of asking myself what I truly need, I have found small ways to create my own happiness.

For those of you who have never done yoga, the best way I can describe it in this context is using mindful movement to manifest a deep, intimate relationship with yourself. In this fast-paced world when else are we invited to slow down and attend to our needs? Giving myself the time and permission to feel, think, heal, and move freely on my mat without judgement is empowering.

How can you bring a moment of silence, peace and clarity to reflect on your thoughts and needs without yoga? Maybe it can be as simple as driving without music for ten minutes or eating a meal in silence. 

Strong is the New Skinny


“Strong is the New Skinny.” Love this saying! Instead of focusing on attaining a specific body shape, focus on building strength. Let’s change “I wish I was thin” to “I will be strong.” Shifting that perspective will allow you to accept your body while feeling empowered during your fitness journey.

Stay fit, and keep persevering!

Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body Campaign”

My friend brought this article to my attention and I think everyone should give it a read. Essentially, Victoria’s Secret created a new ad campaign branded with the tagline “The Perfect Body.” This slogan appears under beautifully photoshopped Victoria’s Secret models. Although these models have gorgeous physiques that they work hard for, that does not give VS the right to deem it the perfect body. By giving these thin, beautiful, genetically gifted women the title of “perfect” it makes women with other body shapes feel inadequate. Perfection alludes to the idea that this is the quintessential look for every person; we must strive to be this ideal in order to be accepted.

This is not the case.

This emphasis on aesthetic perfection from the media is damaging to young women. Everyone has a different body shape, genetic makeup, and fitness level. Their goals should be tailored to their lifestyle and culture. Shame on VS for making any woman feel less than beautiful or worthy.

Sign the petition here because “we would like Victoria’s Secret to apologise and take responsibility for the unhealthy and damaging message that their ‘Perfect Body’ campaign is sending out about women’s bodies and how they should be judged.”

If you’re on instagram hashtag #iamperfect to retaliate against this campaign.

Sesame Oil Massage

One of my favorite ways to de-stress comes from ayruveda. I use sesame oil for abhyanga, the daily self-massage. It is rich in linoleic acid, and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties ॐ

You can also use sesame oil for oil pulling or scalp treatments.

For more information about Ayruveda here and here.


Back to Basics Workout


Although my diet has been on point, I hadn’t been to the gym in days which is so unlike me! Anyway, I decided to do some basic, effective exercises based on functional, everyday movements: walking, stepping, jumping and pushing.  Turned out to be the perfect balance between fun and challenging. Definitely encouraged me to go back to the gym tomorrow!

Tip: pack your gym bag the night before and throw it by your front door or car trunk to insure you’ll go to the gym. No excuses!

July Whole 30

New month, new plan. As always I restart and reevaluate (i.e. Summer Solstice, Birthdays). July I will start another Whole 30. For those who don’t know what a Whole 30 is, it’s essentially eating whole, unprocessed, paleo-approved foods for thirty consecutive days. Since I have mast cell disease I chose to do the low-histamine version of the Whole 30 and comprised a little “menu” for myself, and if you’re looking for other great tools check out the link above:

Also, I decided to compile a vague, but structured skeleton of a weekly workout:

upper body

lower body


upper body

total body



So ready for July! I registered for a 5K in September and hopefully these twice-a-week runs will help me feel less intimidated by running!

Plus Size Rant

I went shopping with my best friend yesterday in search of an outfit for my life coaching observation today. As I excitedly grabbed armfuls of h&m attire, images of my ideal NYC-worthy outfit came to mind. However, those thoughts were abrasively dismissed when I entered the dreaded dressing room. Every, single garment was too small. I couldn’t get anything past my shoulder blades or hips.

Dismayed but not defeated, we optimistically headed to Forever 21. I asked a saleswoman where I could find a pencil skirt, she responded “I would check in plus size.” Her quick, disapproving glance at my curvy body made me flush red. Plus size? I work out. I eat well. I’m not a plus size!

Why did I feel so offended by her suggestion? Because there shouldn’t be a “plus size” section. This idea of a segregated clothing section is NOT helping the whole “love your body” movement. As if there isn’t enough in the media about the pressure to be thin, now voluptuous women need to be reminded of that with too-small sizes while trying to have a fun ego-boosting shopping experience. Having this small, isolated section of clothing made me feel banished (okay I’m being a little dramatic).

My point is, “plus sizes” should be integrated into everyday clothing options on every hanger throughout every store. A segregated section makes “plus sizes” feel unworthy of most clothes in cute stores like h&m and forever21. Just expressing my own frustrations and exasperation with the sizing system in clothing stores.

Love your body. At any size!