Weigh-in Procrastination

According to my Six Month Plan I should’ve weighed myself on June 1st.

But, I didn’t.

It was very fitting that my life coach spoke about my fear of failure last week. Although we spoke about this fear in another context, it’s absolutely relevant to my hesitation to step on that scale. The scale is daunting to anyone. But if I feel happy, healthy and energized then see a number that doesn’t validate this feeling of accomplishment – then I’d feel disheartened. Weight quantifies your hard work, your little cheats, your activity or lack of activity; numbers don’t lie.

However, I need to face that truth and understand where my weight loss journey is heading. I need to overcome that fear and understand that FAILURE IS OKAY. It would be a jumping off point that ignites the need to reassess my routine.

FAILURE does not mean that I am not progressing in other ways. I ran an 8 minute 15 second mile the other day! A month ago I was running a ten minute mile. This in itself should give me the validation I need: that I AM getting stronger, faster and better despite what a number on the scale says.

Next weigh in: June 15th