Love Your Naked Face Challenge

Before college my idea of makeup was flavored chapstick.

Once I was exposed to the world of going out, Cosmopolitan and adulthood I discovered the beautiful world of Sephora. Now, I do not leave the house without a stitch of makeup on my face. Somehow, I even end up to my 5AM shift with eyeliner, concealer and mascara.

Why do I feel the need to wear makeup at every moment of the day? A lot of the time I play with makeup for myself, but is the onyx eyeliner I wear to the gym really for myself?

That being said, my new goal is to feel more comfortable in my own skin and really “face” myself. Get it? I love puns.

Although I don’t even brush or blow dry my hair, I definitely confess to a dimension of superficiality when I slather on my Jergen’s Natural Glow self-tanning sprays and lotions. Also, when I get ready for a night out I play with shadows, lipsticks, maybe cake a few shades of foundations on my face and top it off with fake eyelashes.

I think makeup is a fun way to change up your look, but I don’t like that I’ve become reliant on it. I’ve stopped using my self tanner, and hope to use makeup less frequently. And here’s my naked face:

-1Wish me luck!


21 Day Trigger Food Challenge

For some people chocolate is their¬†kryptonite. Others can’t be in the same room as fried things. Me? The enemy takes many forms. He goes by the name of “nut.” Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, all treacherous to my health journey. The form of my nemesis is irrelevant; whether it be nut butter, trail mix, KIND bars, or granola, I will indubitably consume too much.¬†

I guess each time before I contract the nut-related belly-ache I justify the absurd amount of nut consumption with: oh it’s good fats! energy density? Pshhh I probably didn’t eat enough anyway. It’s low in carbs and a good source of protein!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I mean yes. Yes all of that is true, but it doesn’t translate to “yes you can eat an entire jar of almond butter.” Too much of anything is a bad thing – too much exercise can cause muscle depletion or the female athlete triad etc.

So okay. Imagine your trigger food. That food that proves your stomach can indeed be a bottomless pit. Now that you’ve got it, let go of it. That’s precisely what I’m going to do for my 21 Day Trigger Food Challenge.¬†

Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. My new habit will be eating more nutrient dense foods in place of nuts and seeds. Join me! I’ll record my withdrawal symptoms, feelings of temptation and mini successes.

Have a beautiful, healthy day!