What I Told My Future Self

On the last day of our Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training my Sangha and I were asked to write letters to our future selves. Nine months later, I received mine in the mail today.

Now, to give you context, I was sobbing uncontrollably as I wrote this so it’s pretty sappy. I tried to capture the essence of my growth from an insecure, sad girl to a content, vibrant woman during this one month program. I think it’s safe to say that Kripalu was a pivotal turning point in my life. Hence, the last day of my training was the perfect time to write my future self wise words to remember that time of clarity and contentment.

I am sharing part of this letter because I think these words can apply to many others:

Life is unexpected. It’s sad, it’s joyful, it’s hard, it’s effortless, it’s scary, it’s thrilling, but you are always whole. You are a whole, beautiful person who can and will ride these waves. Everything you need is inside of you. You are strong, capable, confident and you have so much passion and love in your heart. You are beyond incredible; you are whole.

Without a crutch, or validation, or a lover, or a friend, or a label, or material things, you are whole. Take time to find that peace, that gratitude and that compassion for yourself when you’ve lost sight of your worth. Everything will fall into place as its supposed to, just keep uncovering that self-compassion and light within. You are loved, you are enough, you are a beautiful person and deserve to be happy.

In a culture where we are constantly told by magazine covers, social media, advertisements that we are not thin enough, pretty enough, or just good enough, it’s easy to forget that we are MORE than good enough. When we forget our worth we seek external validation to create our self esteem like whether the guy on tinder is a match or if he answers a message, or how many likes a photo gets etc. Remember that that stuff acts as a temporary high. The real work needs to come from within yourself, not externally.


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