Whole 30: Days 10, 11 & 12 – Glowing Green Smoothie

Day 10:

Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie from the Beauty Detox Solution
Lunch: Salad with chicken
Dinner: Salmon, roasted sweet potato, sauteed spinach

Day 11:

Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie
Lunch: Steamed broccoli with avocado
Snack: Protein shake
Dinner: Tilapia, arugula salad

Day 12:

Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie
Lunch: Chicken Salad with homemade mayo from It Starts with Food
Dinner: Pork loin, baked apple, salad
Dessert: Cocoa fruit smoothie

Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie

1 cup filtered or spring water
2 cups chopped spinach
1 cup chopped romaine lettuce
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 small pear
1/2 banana
1 TBS lemon juice

*I also add parsley, cilantro and cayenne pepper

Add water, chopped spinachm shopped romaine and chopped celery to the blender. Starting the blender on a low speed, mix until smooth. Gradually move to higher speeds and add the pear, then the banana and lemon juice.


I’ve been starting every morning with the Glowing Green Smoothie, or a slight variation of it depending on what veggies I have on hand. I feel satisfied, energized and my skin is looking better! Not that the smoothie is responsible for all of these delightful things, I just like having a morning staple and I think I’ve found it. I used to drink the GGS every morning for about a month – but then I sort of derailed from my clean eating. However, when I did drink it consistently I got many compliments saying that my eyes and skin looked brighter!

Also, like It Starts with Food explains, when you feed your body the proper nutrients it will feel satisfied because its nutritional needs are met. Unlike when you eat nutritionally deficient foods, your body merely wants to be satiated and has “no brakes.” Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Prime rib contains complete protein, the most satiating of all the macronutrients, and naturally occuring fat, which makes protein even more satiating. As you eat your prime rib, you’ll find yourself wanting prime rib less and less with every bite. The first bite was amazing, the second fantastic, but by your tenth bite, you’ve had enough, and you no longer desire the flavour or texture of the meat – so down goes your fork.

This is satiation.

Prime rib also takes longer to eat than processed food (as you actually have to chew and swallow), which gives your brain a chance to catch up with your stomach. As you eat and start to digest the meat, your body recognizes that the dense nutrition in that prime rib is adequate for your energy and caloric needs. This sends a “we’re getting nourishment” signal to your brain while you’re still working on your plate, which also reduces your “want” for more food.

This is satiety.

This scenario plays out differently for foods lacking the satiation factors of adequate nutrition – complete protein, natural fats and essential nutrients. Let’s compare prim rib to a tray of Oreos.

Oreos are a highly processed food containing almost no protein, saturated with sugar and flavour-enhancing chemicals, and filled with added fats. As we eat the Oreos (generally at a much faster rate than prime rib), they move through us quickly and don’t provide enough nutrition to induce satiation or satiety. So unlike the prime rib, there are no “brakes” to decrease our want. We want the tenth Oreo just as much as the first. And we never stop wanting more bcause even though we’ve eaten plenty of calories, our bodies know that we are still seriously lacking in nutrition. So we eat the whole darn package because satiety can’t be fooled.

In the case of Oreos, the only reason we stop eating is when our bellies are physically full, and we realize we’re about to make ourselves sick from overconsumption.




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