Summer Solstice!

Gah, where to begin!

So the solstice, or June 21st signifies the start of summer. If you’ve read Birthdays are the new New Year’s then you know I LOVE new beginnings. I’ve already planned my July detox… But that’s another post.

I spent the first day of summer in beautiful, sunny New York City. I took a 5:40AM train into Grand Central, met with my life coach for coffee and headed over to her assistant coaching class. Since I agreed to a code of confidentiality, I’ll just speak about my feelings and thoughts coming away from the experience. Students of the program spoke very openly, honestly and deeply about themselves. Their self-awareness and yearning to better their own lives made me feel at home. This experience solidified the fact that I want to be a life coach.

After seeing the characteristics of these successful individuals, I know that i can both enjoy and excel in this field. Next step? Actually finding a program. Oy. Too many options!

So after those beautiful coaching conversations, I changed out of my business attire into comfy yoga gear. Every year for the past five years I’ve gone to an event in the city called “Solstice in Times Square.” Essentially, thousands of people from all over come to the bustling heart of Times Square and do donation-based yoga. It is such an incredible experience. Doing a back bend on your mat, seeing a sea of strangers with a common interest, all staring at the gorgeous urban landscape and sunny sky? Indescribable. 

I went to the 2:00PM slow vinyasa class and posted a facebook status about the highlight of my experience: Perfect day for yoga in Times Square! Out of the thousands of people at the Summer Solstice event, I sat next to a man from Amsterdam. Afterward he thanked me for bringing lightness and positivity to the practice without needing to say a word. He said I had a gift. Just feeling really appreciated and inspired after those words of kindness.

Overall, perfect start to a new season.

P.S. I applied for a fitness position at a nearby gym. Also, my ACE personal training certification bundle arrived today! I’ll start studying tomorrow or Wednesday and hope to take the exam in twelve weeks.



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