Plus Size Rant

I went shopping with my best friend yesterday in search of an outfit for my life coaching observation today. As I excitedly grabbed armfuls of h&m attire, images of my ideal NYC-worthy outfit came to mind. However, those thoughts were abrasively dismissed when I entered the dreaded dressing room. Every, single garment was too small. I couldn’t get anything past my shoulder blades or hips.

Dismayed but not defeated, we optimistically headed to Forever 21. I asked a saleswoman where I could find a pencil skirt, she responded “I would check in plus size.” Her quick, disapproving glance at my curvy body made me flush red. Plus size? I work out. I eat well. I’m not a plus size!

Why did I feel so offended by her suggestion? Because there shouldn’t be a “plus size” section. This idea of a segregated clothing section is NOT helping the whole “love your body” movement. As if there isn’t enough in the media about the pressure to be thin, now voluptuous women need to be reminded of that with too-small sizes while trying to have a fun ego-boosting shopping experience. Having this small, isolated section of clothing made me feel banished (okay I’m being a little dramatic).

My point is, “plus sizes” should be integrated into everyday clothing options on every hanger throughout every store. A segregated section makes “plus sizes” feel unworthy of most clothes in cute stores like h&m and forever21. Just expressing my own frustrations and exasperation with the sizing system in clothing stores.

Love your body. At any size!



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