Who Needs Chocoholics Anonymous…

…when you have this strategy?

I believe in listening to your body (within reason). If my body feels the need for a square of dark chocolate then I will absolutely give it that square. However, sometimes one square turns into the entire package. So this is my new, and seemingly effective strategy: buy one pound of 72% dark chocolate, cut it into squares and freeze it. So simple!


In my psychology classes some studies found when there is an abundance of something, the subjects were less likely to take that object. Even the most avid chocolate lover couldn’t down this luscious ONE POUND block of delight. Also, you know that after your one or two servings there will be more chocolate waiting for you when the next craving hits – it’s not a scarcity.

Freezing the chocolate forces you to wait for the sweet confection to defrost and think about this decision. Unless you want to down frozen, unsatisfying blocks that will inevitably crack your teeth – then you won’t be scarfing down a guilt-ridden amount of candy.

Anyway, that’s my latest strategy and I think it’s been working for me!



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