From Skinny to Fit


As I’ve received more and more positive feedback from my instagram and blog (thank you guys!) I’ve felt more comfortable talking about my journey: where I came from, why I started and how proud I am of my progress (read my background story here).

My instagram caption read:

“Transformation Tuesday’s a thing right? Left is me in high school; definitely wasn’t fueling my body properly and I was fatigued and weak on the daily. Right was taken about a month ago; I’ve learned how to eat for my workouts and feel so much happier and energized in my new body!”

Although I’ve had this photo compilation for weeks I didn’t know if I was going to share it. To me, it represents my inner and outer strength. My friends and family either didn’t know I had an eating disorder at the time, or merely suggested I eat more (which was too obvious to be good advice).

This before and after photo represents the culmination of the positive people I’ve surrounded myself with, the knowledge I’ve attained from health and wellness classes and the strength I’ve gained from overcoming these seemingly impossible obstacles.

I can honestly say that I feel happier now at a healthy size 10, than when I was a hungry size 00.

Image from my instagram: srollz


10 thoughts on “From Skinny to Fit

    • Thank you Clifford! It’s really nice to hear though – I actually have a post about seeing friends after the weight gain and some people haven’t responded well to my new fit body. So it’s always nice to hear that my work is paying off 🙂

      Also, I had a ton of health issues so my priority was fixing those through holistic means – like more muscle and weight

      • You look great and glad that you are receiving better health.

        In my humble opinion, the only reason that people really find the problematicly skinny body type attractive is due to the influence of tv (kill your tv) and magazines.

        Healthy is above all and you have achieved that, pat yourself on the back.

        Clifford Mitchem
        Advocare Distributor
        Nutrition + Fitness = Health

      • Thank you! And you are absolutely right. Magazine, TV, really any form of media influences our perception of beauty.

        It’s really liberating when you don’t pay attention to that scale though. I think when we base our worth on a number that’s when we’re unhappiest – or that was my experience.

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