How to Hate Running a Little Less

I dominated the treadmill about a year or two ago. But then I studied abroad and ate gofres and tapas, got food poisoning, hospitalized and forgot about running. Whoops. Now I’m tackling this anxiety-ridden task three days a week before work.

Here are tips that help me:

1. Do it before your body knows what’s happening. Sometimes I sleep in a sports bra and shorts so when I wake up i literally have zero excuses. I set my alarm dangerously close to when I need to leave for work, sprint down to my treadmill and just get a mile or two over with before my eyes are fully open. And honestly – it’s not THAT bad.

2. Set possible, tangible goals. I KNOW I can run a mile with ease. I just need to mentally tell myself “okay Sam. You’re going to run this in under x minutes.” So one mile is my goal every morning and if I have boundless energy I’ll exceed my goal but at least I have a feasible basis that will build my confidence and lessen my disdain for running. So if you know you can run half of a lap then run half of a lap, walk half, run half etc. We need to start somewhere right?

3. Talk to yourself. I know. Sounds so strange but I swear midway through one measly mile my body realizes it’s still tired or doesn’t feel like doing this task it’s unaccustomed to. So I literally say to myself “Sam. Are you kidding me?” and just sprint it out.

4. Reward yourself. Every time I run my mile or two before breakfast I make myself a beautiful fruity smoothie or take a long hot shower before starting my day. Treat yourself for getting out of your comfort zone – it’s a hard thing to do!

5. Play good music. There’s nothing like great songs to inspire your run. I use Spotify  – and my running playlist (don’t make fun…) is a compilation of Reggaeton, Progressive Metal and Iggy Azalea. Who am I?

6. Remember why you want to do this. It’s important before enacting any goal-setting plan to understand why you want to accomplish that goal. I want to run a 7 minute mile (at 8:30 as of this morning) so I can get the body that I feel most comfortable in. Also, for me running symbolizes my fittest self.


1/8 of a mile is half of a lap on the treadmill or track. Do chart one, then chart two and chart one again for about a 30 minute workout (this was my workout this morning, plus twenty minutes of plyos and abs):

distance (mile) speed (mph)
1/8 6.5
1/8 7.5
1/8 6.5
1/8 8
1/8 6.5
1/8 8
1/8 6.5
1/8 10
time (min) speed (MPH) incline
15 3.5-4.0 15

8 thoughts on “How to Hate Running a Little Less

    • That’s so sweet, thank you! Glad I was able to help out in some way – I’ve surprisingly been able to stick to running the past few weeks thanks to these small tips.

      Also your kale smoothie looks delicious!

  1. Hi! I just read your story through the link in the about me section and I just wanted to thank you for sharing that because I went through basically the exact same thing, and it’s nice to know i’m not the only one 🙂 So thanks!

  2. All awesome tips! I think listening to an audiobook can help sometimes too. That way you’ll look forward to running because you’ll get to hear what’s next in the book 🙂

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