Dieting in a Grocery Store

Is so hard.

Okay, I hate to use the word diet because that alludes to a temporary change in eating patterns rather than a lifestyle change. However, “diet” sounds way better in the post title. Anyway. I’m an artist at Trader Joe’s and I love what I do! Painting and drawing all day around positive people? I’ll take it.

The problems arise when I smell the sweet alluring aroma: warm, flaky shortcake biscuits with airy whipped cream and voluptuously juicy blueberries. The sample station calls my name. Justifications run through my head: Sam you ran two miles before breakfast… you’re fine. Sam you’ve been on your feet all day… it’s whatever. Sam it’s only a few bites… basically negligible calories.


Anything I put in my body should fuel my activity. Eating arbitrary confectionery treats, even in moderation isn’t worth it to me. Cravings are a different story. Of course I’ll eat the beautifully crafted luscious chocolate bar when I need a little break from my clean eating – but just hurriedly eating a processed sample just because it’s there?

Nah. I’ll take my homemade goodies any day.


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