My Goals – Six Month Plan

My Goals - Six Month Plan

With the help from my life coach (did I mention I might want to be a life coach?), we created this feasible weight loss guideline. With my knowledge for fitness and nutrition, combined with her goal-setting techniques, I KNOW I will achieve these goals.

As my little super girlie chart shows, I will lose about a pound a week. Upon achieving the two-week weight goal, I will receive a reward. For you psych majors out there – this may ring some bells… maybe Pavolv’s bells? Sorry I had to.

Positive reinforcement is a part of behavioral modification and the applied behavioral analysis model of conditioning. I took several ABA classes in college and saw how effective it really was!

CW: 165 lbs
GW: 130 lbs
Current waist: 30”
Goal Waist: 26”
Current Mile Time: 9”00’
Goal Mile Time: 8”00’

How will I accomplish this?

– yoga everyday
– run 2x a week
– gym 6x / week (which I already do)
– eat every 4 hours
– track food everyday (myfitnesspal username: ActiveYogi)
– aim for 8 hours of sleep

*Only issue? I lift. Muscle absolutely weighs more than fat. The scale may not correlate to my progress. So I’ll also be looking at my performance and waist circumference goals

Oh. bonus. today two co-workers said I looked thinner. SCORE.


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