Run Sam Run.

Running gives me anxiety. Although I’m not super competitive with others, I can’t help but compare my present self to my past self. Back in 2011 I ran three times a week before breakfast. However, even as my mile-time dwindled to 6 minutes the repetitive movement of jogging was SO BORING. The only thing motivating me was the quantitative evidence that I was progressing. On the off chance that I would run a few miles after a stressful day I could surprisingly run a 5k in 23 minutes with ease. Now? Add seven or eight minutes to that 5k time.

So today was the day; the day I conquered my runner’s anxiety alongside my coworker (WUDDUP SASHA). We dominated those treadmills (workout below!).

I usually go to the gym alone and avoid the ‘mill like the plague. Running symbolizes my leanest, fittest, strongest self from 2011 and elicits feelings of frustration and nostalgia. However, with a plan and my friend by my side I felt inspired and ready to tackle this demon. I was surprised by how easily I completed our workout (although my purple, sweat-drenched face would tell you otherwise) and any anxiety or fear of failing dissipated.

Cheesy moral of the story: sometimes you need a friend to show you what you can REALLY accomplish.

time speed (mph)) incline
0:00-3:00 3.5 0
3:00-5:00 8 0
5:00-8:00 4 15
8:00-10:00 8 0
10:00-13:00 4 15
13:00-15:00 8 0
15:00-18:00 4 15
18:00-20:00 8 0
20:00-23:00 4 15
23:00-24:00 8 0
24:00-25:00 10 0
25:00-28:00 4 15
28:00-30:00 3.5 0

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