Birthdays are the new New Year’s

Our birthdays have a personal significance that resonates before, during and after the date. As my hangover reminds me, my birthday was yesterday. To me, my birthday means wearing a tiara that says Birthday Bitch, eating countless non-paleo things circa May 10th and drinking my weight in tequila.


Aside from the fun, silly, suddenly socially acceptable birthday behaviors, my birthday also marks a time of reevaluation. What have I achieved in this past year? Am I more mature? Smarter? Wiser? Does one year really make a huge difference?

Naturally, the start of anything new elicits the need for self-reflection and progression. Birthdays quantify my time and successes… In twenty three years I have graduated with my Bachelor’s, started my Master’s and made lifelong friends. What else did I envision having at age 23? Certainty.

Rather than focusing on the things I’m unsure about (like grad school choice) I’m going to focus on the things I totally know are true. I know I am a passionate person who wants to be fulfilled by others and by my future occupation. So… what does that mean?

Age 23 means that I WILL propel forward with my love and passion for fitness and nutrition. I WILL better myself and achieve my physical goals and I WILL smile while doing it.

Buying my personal training cert textbook this week – hopefully I’ll be certified in 8-9 weeks!



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