HIIT Stair Master Workout


The stair master torches fat like no other cardio machine. And what’s better? Using the step mill mimics everyday movement – going up a staircase. It’s practical and effective; what more could you ask for?! Anyway I was exhausted after work today but knew I needed to destress at the gym. This was my fat torching workout:

Repeat each circuit three times:

Circuit One
Lunge with single dumbbell curl x 10 each side
Plank on bosu ball (modification: hold for 30 s or no bosu) x 1 minute

Circuit Two
Plie Squat with 40 lb dumbbell (modification: less weight or no weight, tap the floor with weight for more of a challenge) x 20
Tricep extension x 12

Cardio Time!

1 1/2 minutes on level one
20 seconds on the highest level

alternate 8 times, should be able twenty minutes

If you want more, like I did…

Head to the treadmill and walk between 3.5MPH and 4.0MPH.
Alternate between an incline of 12 and 15 for 20 minutes.

Stretch and you’re good to go! xo


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