Personal Training Chronicles II

Day of PT:

Who knew feeling so sore could feel so good?! This time around I adored my personal trainer. Unlike last time, she was attentive, conversational, and delightful. She helped me reach new personal bests I didn’t even know my body could accomplish. I was able to shoulder press with 25 LB dumbbells! I hadn’t worked upper body in weeks because of mu injury; it felt great to be back!

Day After PT:

SO SORE. Today needs to be my rest day, I literally can’t move. None of the “I’m going to go for a light jog, maybe some yoga and pilates,” kinda rest day. But rather an “I’m going to lay on this couch and watch What Not To Wear for hours on end,” kinda rest day. I feel anxious because my plans to do insanity today got totally messed up. Okay tomorrow.

Two Days After PT:

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE THIS SORE FOR THIS LONG?! Ugh. I wake up, guzzle down a protein shake and BCAA, rest for 45 minutes then pop in the Insanity DVD. To my surprise, blasting loud music that reminds me of my Zumba days distracts me from the burning during the “cardio & resistance” video. 


Nope. I have a cold. I feel like I can sleep forever and I’m still sore. I eat way too many carbs at breakfast to (subconsciously) compensate for my exhaustion. And that just makes me feel wayyyy worse. What’s a girl to do? 

Message: It’s okay when things don’t go according to plan – I didn’t think I’d be sore for three days after PT. Just listen to your body and take it one step at a time. Push yourself but not to the point where you’ll eat a million things once you’re done with your workout (like I did). And most importantly – get enough rest. That’s a huge piece I ignore wayyyy too often. 

xx Stay Fit xx


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