So I’m going to do it. I’m going to do insanity. I’ve half-assed every cleanse, fitness program or health plan I’ve started. But no. Even if I need to modify the workouts (which I must do because of my finger), I will complete it.

Why choose Insanity?

I need this program to push me beyond my limits. When I workout alone (which is almost always these days) I stay in a safe zone, one where I feel comfortable. I know Insanity will give my body the wake up call it needs!

What do I think so far?

It’s f***ing hard. I’ve only done two videos so far, and my face is purple after each one. I’m actually surprised and upset at my fitness level. I used to be able to do these videos for fun as a second workout of my day. NOW its exhausting and nearly impossible for me.

So why keep going?

Because I want to be the person in the before and after photos.  I want to see a change in my body. And above all, I want to prove that I can do it.

You guys keep me accountable – I’ll check in soon with my progress !


2 thoughts on “INSANITY

  1. I love Jillian Michaels!! I do her Six Week Six Pack every now and then and she definitely knows how to push me hahaa. And Insanity is great! It’s tough, but you can always modify to your skill level and no one’s there to really police ya 😉

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