Seeing Friends After That Weight Gain….

She noticed. We hadn’t seen each other in one year. Back then I was 115 lb, super fit and confident. She had to notice the extra fifty pounds.

“Heyyyy! How are you?! Oh my gosh… your skirt is super cute!” I said with feigned confidence and exuberance.

As we carried our conversation I uncomfortably repositioned myself to make my body seem smaller. Move my arm here to make it look slim, my shoulder this way to show my collar bone. It was no use. We both knew she noticed.

I didn’t want to be that girl to whine about my weight gain. But, I was looking for the perfect opportunity to bring it out in the open. So I did. She asked what my future plans were, and I slipped in that I would love to be a personal trainer but with my recent weight gain it’ll have to wait.

When I uttered the horrendous words “weight gain,” surprisingly the world did not implode. The birds did not stop singing. And above all, she didn’t get up and abandon me.

Sure it sucks when you don’t feel like yourself, and sure the reality is that others can see the difference. But that doesn’t mean a thing. If they’re true friends they understand that with life comes change. They will support you through your journey and realize physical changes don’t make you less of a person.

With that being said – ROCK WHAT YA GOT. Appreciate what you’re body’s capable of, smile and aspire to be your best every single day.


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