Lower Body Home Workout

Since my finger’s broken I’ve been forced to do leg workouts. And as a girl who lifts, I miss gripping a barbell at the squat rack! Regardless, I figured I’d mix it up with my quick body weight leg workout. Enjoy!

Warm up
20 jumping jacks
20 high knees
20 butt kicks
20 hamstring curls
20 squats

The Workout
Front & Back lunges x 20 each side
Jump squats x 20
Squat pulses x 50
Front lunge, side lunge, back lunge x 10 each side
Skaters x 20
Front kick, side kick, back kick x 10 each side
Jump lunges (I hate these with a passion) x 20
Sumo Squats x 20
Sumo Squat Pulse x 20
Hamstring curls x 20
High knees x 20
Wall sit for 1:30

Stand on the edge of a step/stair; do calf raises for three sets of 20

Stretch out those hamstrings, quads and calves!



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