Diet Plan

I’ve done the weight watchers, the “listening to your body” thing, Paleo, Carb cycling, vegetarianism… you name it I’ve probably experimented with it. It’s fun to see how your body reacts to different foods! Anywho here are the guidelines for my current eating lifestyle:

  • Always eat breakfast within one hour of waking
  • Eat every four hours
  • Do not eat after 7PM (unless you just came home from a workout, then refuel please!)
  • Have protein with every meal and mini meal

Typical day:


20-30 minute Jillian Michael’s Workout


1/2 cup egg whites1 cup veggies (usually kale, spinach and red onion)
1/2 cup fruit salad
1 TBS coconut oil
green tea

cal: 305 c: 14 f: 14 p: 21


4 oz grilled chicken breast
3 cups mixed greens
3 oz baked sweet potato
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 oz almonds

cal: 344 c: 20 f: 16 p: 27


2 Jamie Eason Chocolate Protein Bars
cal: 96 c: 12 f: 1.4 p: 10



4 oz Tilapia
1 c Brussel Sprouts (or any non-starchy veggie on hand)
1 TBS olive oil
1/2 c black beans

cal: 383 c: 27 f: 15 p: 33


1 avocado
1 scoop whey protein isolate

cal: 321 c: 12 f: 20 p: 28

Total values:

cal: 1,449 c: 91 f: 66 p: 119

I will modify depending on my daily schedule, and my cravings! If I want a piece of dark chocolate I won’t deprive myself. Follow my food journaling on My username is girlinthegymjungle. Friend me, we’ll keep each other accountable and get through this journey together!


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